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Opening Film

Showtime:   Tuesday, June 25, 2019 @ 21:30

Animal (Argentina)

Year:  2018
Running Time: 112 minutes
Genre:  Thriller
Cast: Guillermo Francella, Carla Peterson
Director: Armando Bo

Description: Antonio Decoud is a conservative family man who is forced by destiny to face an unexpected situation that shakes him to the core, scrambling up his life and his priorities, pushing him to forget his beliefs and his way of understanding life and follow the most basic instinct: the animal instinct.

Some years ago a friend of my father bought a kidney in Bolivia. His wife was very sick and she was last in the transplant list. He is a very wealthy man and he ended up buying the kidney in the Bolivian black market. I couldn’t believe that this regular man that I knew could do something like this. Some time later I run into a newspaper article, a young man had posted an ad offering a kidney in exchange for a house. Both things were instantly connected in my mind, ANIMAL was born in that second. I had to write it.


Competition Films


Showtime:   Wednesday, June 26, 2019 @ 21:30

Blue Moon (New Zealand)

Year:  2018
Running Time:  86 minutes
Genre: Thriller
Cast:  Mark Hadlow, Jed Brophy, Olivia Hadlow.
Director:  Stefen Harris

Description: Businessman Horace Jones (Mark Hadlow) is deep in debt. While his family thinks he is in Hong Kong on a business deal, he is covertly working a deadly quiet night shift at his own service station to make ends meet.  When a suspicious looking character expires in the stations toilet clutching a large wad of cash, Horace is suddenly offered a very tempting opportunity to dispose of the evidence and solve his own financial problems. Later when an equally unlikely customer (Jed Brophy) arrives in the station store, the screws begin to turn on Horace’s desperate scheme.

Houston Worldfest – Gold Remi Award
New Zealand International Film Festival – Official Selection.

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Showtime: Wednesday, June 26, 2019 @ 23:00

Fatwa (Tunisia)

Running Time :102 minutes
Genre: Drama
Cast:Ahmed Hafiane,Ghalia Benali,Sarrâ Hanachi
Director/Writer:Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud

Description: Brahim Nadhour, is a tunisian who lives in France, he gets back to Tunis to bury his son who died in a motorcycle accident. He discovers that the young Maouane was militating with a radical Islamist group. Brahim decides to conduct his investigation to find out the reasons behind his radicalization and identify the ones who indoctrinated him.

Carthage Film Festival  – Winner Golden Tanit
FIFOG – Winner Silver FIFOG Award


Showtime: Thursday, June 27, 2019 @ 21:30

Debt (Turkey)

Year: 2018
Running Time : 95 minutes
Genre: Drama
Cast: Serdar Orcin, İpek Turktan Kaynak, Ruchan Caliskur, Ozan Celik,
Director/Writer: Vuslat Saracoglu

Description:Tufan who works at a small print shop lives in Eskişehir with his wife Mukaddes and his daughter Simge. Huriye, their lonely neighbour next door, falls ill one night. A doctor recommends that she shouldn’t stay on her own. Tufan takes pity on Huriye, who has no family to turn to, and decides to host her at his house.

Göteborg Film Festival (New Voices)
San Francisco Film Festival(New Directors Competition)
Istanbul Film Festival (Golden Tulip Best Film Award)


Showtime: Thursday, June 27, 2019 @ 23:00

The Children of the Salt  (Venezuela)

Duration: 103 minutes
Genre: Drama
Cast: María Alejandra Jiménez, Terry Goitía, José Torres, Aníbal Grunn
Directors: Luis Rodríguez & Andres Rodríguez

Description: In the deserted salt flats of Las Cumaraguas, life is as hard as the minerals they extract from the water. When Evaristo dies, his children face their own demons, desires, and the traditions of their town, looking for an invigorating path to a refreshing peace.

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Showtime:   Friday, June 28, 2019 @ 21:30

Τhe Little Comrade (Estonia)

Year:  2018
Running Time:  100 minutes
Genre:  Drama
Cast:  Helena Maria Reisner, Tambet Tuisk, Eva Koldits, Juhan Ulfsak
Director:  Moonika Siimets

Description:  One day, six-year-old Leelo’s school teacher mother is taken away by soldiers and the little girl has to find answers to a lot of questions on her own: why is the blue-black-white flag forbidden, what’s a traitor, why is a scary NKVD detective snooping around in their home and is being a Soviet Pioneer a thing of honor or shame? Through frequently tragicomic situations, Leelo tries to be as good a girl as she can in the two-faced, Stalinist world around her so that her mother will one day come back home.

Based on autobiographical novels by Leelo Tungal, one of Estonia’s most beloved writers.

Busan International Film Festival- BNK Busan Bank Award (Audience Award)
Nordic Film Days Lübeck – Best Feature Debut


Showtime:   Friday, June 28, 2019 @ 23:00

Amir (Iran)

Year:  2018
Running Time:  106 minutes
Genre:  Drama
Cast:  Milad Keymaram,Seyd Mostafa Ghadiri, Behdokht Valian
Director:  Nima Eghlima

Description: Amir goes to the airport to welcome his friend Ali, where he realizes that Ali’s ex-wife Ghazal has taken their son Ardalan with her illegally and most probably will immigrate soon. Amir, despite of all his personal problems, takes Ali to his office to find his ex-wife and son.

First-time writer/director Nima Eghlima tells the story of a man —and, ultimately, a country— suffocating under the weight of societal expectations and a foreboding sense that all his efforts to meet them will be futile in this bleakly urgent slice of social realism from Iran.

Festivals/Awards:                                                                                                  Karlovy Vary International Film Festival


Showtime:  Saturday, June 29, 2019 @ 21:30

Veneno (Dominican Republic)

Year: 2018
Runtime: 98
Genre: Drama
Cast: Manny Pérez, Richard Douglas, Pepe Sierra
Director: Tabaré Blanchard

Description: The origin and rise of the most famous Dominican wrestler of all time, Rafael Sánchez aka Jack Veneno. He brought joy to the people, good ratings to the TV station that broadcasted his fights during several decades, and fame to his arch-nemesis, José Manuel Guzmán aka Relámpago Hernández.

New York City International Film Festival – Winner Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Supporting actor
Dominican Academy Awards – Winner of 15 La Silla Awards

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Showtime:   Saturday, June 29, 2019 @ 23:00

Eternal Winter (Hungary)

Year:  2018
Running Time:  110 minutes
Genre:  Drama
Cast:  Marina Gera, Sándor Csányi, Laura Döbrösi,
Director:  Attila Szasz

Description:  The true story of an unlikely romance in a Soviet labor camp. Christmas, 1944. Soviet soldiers invade Hungary and drag every young ethnic German woman away from a small village and transport them to a Soviet labor camp where they are forced to work in the coal mines under inhuman conditions. This is where Irén meets fellow prisoner Rajmund, who decides to teach her how to survive. While she is determined to return home to her little daughter and family, history and fate have a different plan: Irén and Rajmund fall in love.

‘Eternal Winter’ is the very first feature film about the 700,000 Hungarian victims of the Soviet labor camps whose stories remained untold for over 70 years.

Montreal Film Festival – Winner Best Director
Raindance Film Festival


Special Screenings

Showtime:  Sunday, June 30, 2019 @ 21:30

Kousayla (Switzerland -Algeria )

Year: 2013
Duration: 20 minutes
Genre: Drama
Director: Tahar Houchi

Description: Kousayla, an-11-years old boy, lost his grandmother. Lola, a European woman, is looking for her child from which she was separated long time ago. Rmimez, an Algerian artist who fled the terrorism of the “red” years becomes the guardian of the cemetery. There, they will meet and talk to each other.

Showtime:   Sunday, June 30, 2019 @ 23:00

Unknown Land (Greece, Yemen, Cyprus)

Year:  2012
Running Time:  78 minutes
Genre:  Drama
Cast:  Manos Kokoromitis, Daniel Plackett, Shaya Salem
Director:  Manuel de Coco

Description: The Arab Spring, Yemen 2011. The revolution continues. It’s the monsoon season and life goes on smoothly for the inhabitants of Socotra Island. Not far from land, a sailing boat bearing an Israeli flag sinks and the search for survivors begins. A castaway is washed ashore a secluded beach. A sudden development leads to an unexpected turn…On the other side of the island, a native dreams of the castaway seeking his help. He prays to God for answers. Now it has become difficult for him to distinguish the line between fantasy and reality. This adventure begins through the castaway’s body, a man who in the sinking of his life sees for the first time a chance to reawake, to know gratefulness, to be reborn. Will he overthrow destiny? Will he get back alive?

Cairo International Film Festival
Tarkovsky Film Festival

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Closing Film


Showtime: Monday, July 1, 2019 @ 21:30

Song of Scorpions (India)

Year: 2017
Running Time: 119 minutes
Genre: Drama
Cast: Golshifteh Farahani, Irrfan Khan, Waheeda Rehman, Shashank Arora
Director: Anup Singh

Description: There is an ancient legend, which says that the sting of the local scorpion in the deep desert of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan is bound to kill in 24 hours. The scorpion’s poison builds a feverish melody within the victim. The only cure is to find a sage singer who can read the melody in the victim’s pulse and then sing a counter-melody.

Locarno Film Festival
International Film Festival Rotterdam

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